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Early Years

Fear and Misery Under the Second Bush
The United States of America Doesn’t Exist
Things You Can’t Put On Your Resume
Don’t Say You Are Going to Come and Not
Third City
1,2,3 Times a Baby
My Heart is a Police State
Who Killed My Boss at the HMV?

Theatre 314 (2008-2011)

Tree Sluts
CAFé CAFé: The Original
Squeegee Nights
CAFé CAFé: Cigarettes and Spit
A Fat Man Dancing
CAFé CAFé: The Revolution
CAFé CAFé: Origins

Theatre Sainte-Catherine - Tragedies

My Christmas in New York
Le Tavernac
The Chicoutimi Kid
Dead Pigeons Society
The Only Bar


I am most well-known as a playwright in Montreal. My plays do not follow the mould of what is commonly known as “theatre” however, and are meant to be refreshing, with improvisation, simple stories and not “cover band theatre”. It appears in the more recent era, the word “theatre” is a bad word and associated often with old, “taxidermy” theatre as Keith Johnstone referred to it. For most, theatre is an ancient art and has not kept the universal respect that “cinema” or “music” have. I believe this is because most theatre is only one style, the 4th-Wall, cover band theatre that is taught in schools and passed down to us. I strive to create theatre that is both accessible, progressive and entertaining before it is, well “rehearsed”. My style of plays became notorious at Theatre Sainte-Catherine and garnered various critical acclaim. I still hope to one day produce plays across the world that embrace local themes, create fun, lively and unpretentious theatre. Improvisation and comedy are often at my core, however the storytelling, emotion, and drama are always pillars.

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CAFé CAFé: Paris

Equity Non-Equity

Dernier Brigadier

The Sad Music of a Sad Man

Wesley the Muse

ATM: The Musical

Lise de Shlaga


L’Art du Fuck You




La Néo-Chevalière

Rock’n’Roll Prayer

Les Chiens

The Virgin Mario

Waiting for Godot’s Likes

Last Shadow in Retrograd


Serial Plays

Match Made in Hell

II: A Montreal Orphan’s Christmas

III: Everything Doesn’t Happen for a Reason

IV: Shitflakes and Snowburgers

V: Romantic Bacon

VI: The Millenium Balcon

VII: The Ballad of the Sketch Comedian

VIII: La Hell Province

Ogoki Nights

Ogoki Nights II: Lifer

III:Halfway Between Chapleau and Wawa


DéPFLIES II: Frappe Les Rues

DéPFLIES III: The Self-Hating Anglo

DéPFLIES IV: Gonna Make You Cry

DéPFLIES V: Maximum Paradise

DéPFLIES VI: Bling Blingualism

DéPFLIES VII: Jusqu’au Dernier Flocon

DéPFLIES VIII: La Guerre des Tarps

DéPFLIES IX: Déprazent

DéPFLIES X: Til Dép Do Us Part



My first play was a Brechtian-inspired political cabaret entitled Fear and Misery Under the Second Bush. We skewered the politics of the day, Sadam Hussein sang a doo-wop, Jean Chrétien sang a Barenaked Liberals cover and in general absurdity and politics made those who came laugh at the Vanier Improv Company’s small stage at York University. Here several early works Things You Can’t Put On Your Resume, 1, 2, 3 Times a Baby and other playful ventures with artists such as Peter Stevens, Daryn McIntyre, Morgan Passi, Taraha Consoli, Jon Blair and Luis Fernandes established my love for live performance.

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Theatre for people who hate the theatre

The Fringe Festivals then occupied most of my time, I went on to win several awards and nominations with Lunduntown, Dead Pigeons Society, The Only Bar, ATM The Musical and The United States of America Doesn’t Exist. With these plays I learned that improvisation and theatre could live harmoniously together, though I am still tinkering with how to make that harmony perfect, I do believe improvisation is what takes the seriousness that has alienated people from theatre away.

Here is where I met the likes of Sandi Armstrong, Simon Chavarie, Mathieau Beauséjour, Heidi Lynne Weeks, Peter Stevens, Eric Amber, Paul Naiman, Stefan Petersen, Maité Sinave and other artists i feel truly embrace this spirit. They taught me immense lessons on how to make theatre, what content to produce and how to envigorate people with this art form.
The most popular and well-received of my plays were Ogoki Nights, CAFé CAFé and DéPFLIES. Each one had a strong following.
I continue to write plays and have started touring with the improv company of Theatre Sainte-Catherine to Europe, Canada and beyond. Every Sunday and Monday the long-running improv shows at TSC house some of the best performers in the world and I enjoy bringing a theatrical touch to these shows while still developing new plays for the stage.

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